Wednesday, 13 July 2016

HorrorCon UK 2016!

Over the weekend, Frank from Busted Knuckle Press shared a table with Girl on Purl Action at HorrorCon UK to debut Bastard Son: Murderborn. We had a great time and met some brilliant people. The book went down really well and we've already received some glowing feedback.

Oh yeah and it's available to buy now! Just click on the menu bar above.

Temporary Bastard HQ.

Frank meeting the outstanding artist that is Tom Hodge of 

Speaking of brilliant artists, here's the fab Janine Van Moosel.

On the table behind us was the brilliant selling some awesomely grotesque art prints.

"Pinhead" himself, Mr. Doug Bradley!

The legendary Kane Hodder!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Kickstarter Relaunch Date!

It's finally here! We will be launching the first volume of 'Bastard Son', in the form of 'Bastard Son: Murderborn' on Kickstarter in exactly 1 week. The book will contain 118 pages of full-colour graphic horror, as well as bonus material. It's on now, fellow Bastards!


P.S. Give our Facebook page a like:

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Trailer!

Ok, so apologies for being off the map for a bit, but we've been putting all our dark energies into relaunching the book. The good news is that we are VERY close to doing so. In order to whet your evil appetites, I stitched together this trailer for you to watch. Special thanks to RAZORWYRE for letting us use one of their epic tracks! Those guys are as metal as an anvil made of Conan the Barbarian's biceps.

Enjoy, fellow bastards. We'll be keeping you frequently updated from now on.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy belated New Year and news!

Hello everyone.

We hope that you all had a good time over the holidays and that 2016 is treating you well so far.

Unfortunately, our Kickstarter bid wasn't successful, (but I suppose that'll teach us for launching a campaign over Thanksgiving and finishing it just after Christmas!) Anyway, we've since done a little more digging and found out a bit of a cheaper way of doing it. Hopefully, we will launch again soon, with the new title of 'Murderborn' for our first arc. Let's face it, it's a better title.

Additionally, we have just launched an Instagram account, so check that out and follow here for new art from the upcoming book:


We've got absolutely loads more ideas for future books, so please keep your eyes (figuratively) peeled for further updates. We are determined that this book will punch through the chest of this industry like a fist made of machetes.

Stay tuned fellow bastards!


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Awesome news fellow bastards! The 'Bastard Son: Blood for Blood' graphic novel Kickstarter is here! Click on the link below to check out the page and help us bring the first (and hopefully not the last) volume of our depraved horror creation to life! 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Issue #1 is here!

Issue #1 of Bastard Son is now available to view by clicking the link in the menu bar above!

Team Bastard Son are proud to present the first chapter of our, (hopefully ongoing) horror series. We have worked like the proverbial bastards on it and are continuing to do so. The first arc of the book is an origin story of sorts, spanning five issues in total.

We hope you enjoy Issue #1 and please feel free to hit us up on social media, (see Bios/Contact tab) with your thoughts.

Peace out, fellow bastards!


Monday, 13 July 2015

July Update!


First of all, apologies for me going A.W.O.L. for the last couple of months. Marco and I have been working really hard on Bastard Son, as well as having a bunch of other commitments that have kept us busy.

Whilst I've been away, we have fully completed Bastard Son issue no. 1. In addition to this, issue no. 2 has been fully scripted, pencilled and inked. Right now, I'm about three quarters of the way through writing the first draft for issue no. 3.

As things stand, Marco and I are presently dividing our time between the creation of the book and pursuing publishing options.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Peace out, fellow bastards!